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Giovanni Sava was born in Eboli (Salerno - Italy) in 1959 and moved to Switzerland with his family in 1967. Start racing with go karts in 1981. After a few years of racing, we are in '87 began working as a dealer kart and later became coach. In 1989 stops racing to devote full time to formulas with excellent results. After countless national and international successes in the categories 100 single speed, in 1995 he moved to the categories 125 marches, ever since with the official TM engines. From 2015 the team will race with GSK frames Mad-Croc.

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+ Vega Cup
+ Trophée Oscar Petit
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About Us

GS Karting since 1989 the number 1 in western Switzerland Importer TM engine market leader. Official Importer of Mad-Croc

Multiple wins in the Switzerland League
Best Pilots from our Team:
Sebastien Buemi
Simona De Silvestro
Etienne Aebischer

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